Friday, 26 December 2008

... but the moment has been prepared for.


Well, it's Boxing Day, and The Eyeless is officially out in the shops. As promised, my blogging ends here.

Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed some insight into the making of the book. As I said in the various entries, there's no one way to write. I'm sure a lot of other writers reading my stuff about 'the process of writing' would have been baffled and bewildered because so little of it was like their own process. If you're an aspiring writer, good luck and the trick is to actually write stuff, not just to want to if only you had the time.

This blog's still here and it's not going anywhere ... please feel free to post reviews, comments, links to reviews about The Eyeless here and so on. I'll still be here to answer questions.

Thanks again, and a Merry Christmas to all you at home.

Lance Parkin


That Neil Guy said...

Thanks for sharing. I for one have quite enjoyed your blog. It's been a nice ride and I look forward to buying my first 10th Doctor novel once it gets released here in the states.

Stuart Ian Burns said...

Here's the review what I wrote:

Thanks Lance. It's one of the best Doctor Who stories of the year and might well be the best of the nu-Who novels. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the blog - it's been fascinating and enjoyable in equal measure.

The perfect aperitif to 'The Eyeless', which, coincidentally, arrived in the post today and shall be devoured this afternoon along with a couple of mince pies and a cup of tea - the perfect comedown to the festive frenzy!

Cheers again, and hope the book sells a quazillion!

Aleatoric Consonance said...

Thank you so much for this blog. Very interesting, and worth a re-read from the begining oi reckons!

Hocus Pocus Dotly said...

Hi Lance,

I have enjoyed reading over your blog during the year and since I live in AUSTRALIA have been looking forward to release, which is slated for a month after the UK release (January 25th). However, I was surprised when I went to the bookshop today and it was shelved along with the other releases! I have purchased it and can't wait to start reading it.

Eddy said...

Just finished reading the book and I have no doubt that it will go on to be hailed as one of the best new series novels, if not the best new series novel to date.

Thoroughly enjoyed 'the making of' too!

Thanks Lance!!!

Full Review online now at



I'm a professional writer - novel coming out in June - I've long planned to write a Doctor Who novel. What is the best way to make contact with the publishers. A letter or send the manuscript?

Anonymous said...


Even though we disagree on a lot of literary issues, I enjoyed everything you posted here. Thanks a lot!

Jack Beven

Lance Parkin said...

See the June 5th entry ... the BBC aren't interested in unsolicited manuscripts from anyone at the moment.

If you want to give it a try anyway, send a letter of inquiry to the address in the front of all the books.

Birdieupon said...

Dear Mr Parkin

A friend of mine told me that he'd been browsing the Dr Who forums and discovered that "The Eyeless" was inspired by a youtube video which turned "The Revenger's Tragedy" into a 9th Dr Who trailer.

If so, I just thought I'd let you know that I'm the guy who made it! If you did take inspiration from it, I'd like to say I'm honoured to have helped, and also could you link me to the page where you made reference to the video?

Many thanks

Peter Byrom (aka Birdieupon

Lance Parkin said...

Peter, if you see this, could you please email me at lancejparkin at Thank you.