Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Buy The Eyeless ... for less!

So ... here are the best deals for The Eyeless I've found.

According to the wonderful, saved-me-so-much-money site Find DVD both Amazon and Play have the book for a fiver.

For non-UKers, there's no excuse. The Book Depository delivers free worldwide within a week. When they get their stocks in, it'll be less than cover price, too (5.24 GBP, usually). That works out cheaper for someone in the US than it would do from their local Borders ... three months earlier, too. Delivered to your door. Go on, you know you want to.

There will be deals in supermarkets and three-for-two offers, too.

So ... are these the best deals out there? Let me know.

When it does come out, please feel free to review it - on your own blogs, on Amazon (that's particularly useful, because so many people will read that) or just by posting a comment here. I'd love it if people posted a link to any review here (positive or negative, I don't mind as long as it's not actively sweary or libellous).


Clive Deadlie said...

Hi Lance. I reckon I'll be buying it from a supermarket with their ridiculously cheap offers. But that got me thinking, how much do these cheap supermarket deals hurt authors? For the last few months you've been able to buy two chart novels for £7 from Tesco, effectively making the books half price (or less).

Do you get percentage or is it not that clear cut?

I think Trading Futures has been my favourite of your books btw - not that you asked but thought I'd share :)

Lance Parkin said...

Supermarket deals are a part of life - with the Doctor Who books, now, payment is based (to simplify a little) on unit sales, rather than money received, so please hunt down the best deal you can.

Trading Futures ... that was the one people didn't like so much. I wanted to do something light, because there had been some long, dense EDAs before mine. It's sort of the anti-Henrietta Street, really - dark and quite complicated under a candy coloured surface.

I was also writing a book that had no old continuity stuff, at all, in it. Trying to do something fast and new. Weirdly, Alias started around the same time, and I realised I was sort of writing Alias.

Writing that was weird - I was suddenly very busy and all over the place because I was doing a tie-in book for the Soapstars TV series. I was halfway through a book about the near future, terrorism and the CIA and then 9-11 happened and I was suddenly writing the very first post-9-11 novel (it's interesting to compare it with Dark Knight Strikes Back and Dead Air - I recognise the same 'oh crap, I need to be writing about that' air in those, too).

Very glad you enjoyed it. I think it's the only Who book of mine that people didn't really 'get' - which, if true, is all my fault - and I think it's worth looking at again.

Garpu said...

payment is based (to simplify a little) on unit sales, rather than money received, so please hunt down the best deal you can.

Good to know...I can indulge my habit with less guilt!

I can vouch for The Book Depository, since I spend way the hell too much money there. People complain about their shipping, but it's about the same as getting something sent from the other side of the US.