Friday, 6 June 2008

Finding The Books

I read a lot of books. More of this anon (I know I keep promising this).

People often say things like 'the NAs are difficult to find'. It's certainly expensive and time-consuming to locate, buy and read all of them. Remember that the NA/MA/EDA/PDAs were released one or two at a time for the best part of fifteen years, so trying to collect the whole range in one go will be like trying to swallow an elephant.

There are books available for free online, including my novel The Dying Days (the first original novel featuring the eighth Doctor) at:

And you can still find bargains at Amazon Marketplace and Ebay.

A site I use a lot to feed my insatiable book habit is:

And a quick check shows that there are a lot of old Doctor Who books on there.

I've also started using and they've got
a smaller range (and are UK-only), but the books are cheaper and you save the planet and stuff, and surely that's what the Doctor's all about.


hexacontium said...
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hexacontium said...

One big tip for buying books on Ebay is: patience! Try to search for titles and maybe you'll find a seller without NA, New Adventure or Doctor Who in the title. They tend to be a bit cheaper. lso try to find sellers where you might have a chance to purchase more than 1 book and thus to reduce on p&p. And if you don't want to read the expensive books online then have even more patience :) I bought all my novels off Ebay in mint to nearly mint condition, for 1-2 pounds each with the exception of a few expensive ones, of which the highest was about 17 pounds.

Barrie said...

Green Metropolis was a new one to me, but I followed the link, bought a book, and am sure I'll be back there again.

Anonymous said...


Not sure but I think the link in this entry isn't working... looking forward to your book very much btw :)


0tralala said...

Hello Lance

Welcome in Blogger. (or, in the US, are also very good for finding out-of-print things. One local bookshop person told me they're how his shop now survives.

Hope this helps,