Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Welcome to The Eyeless

This is a new site by the author Lance Parkin, best known for his Doctor Who novels.

Nothing to see here at the moment, but stay tuned.


DanielW said...

Best Known for his Who novels maybe ... but also known for a stellar audio, and a great Faction Paradox novel.

Is there any chance of you writing for/wanting to write for the Doctor Who comics from IDW?

Jonn Elledge said...

Get a job!

Lance Parkin said...

I'm a big comics fan. I wrote a book about Alan Moore that's being reissued soon. I wrote a comic called Miranda, based on the character from Father Time, three issues of which were published.

I've been working on comics for another small press, and I'd love to be able to say more, but I'll wait on that until I can say something more concrete.

I'd love to write a Doctor Who comic for someone at some point, yes.

Mr. V said...

Long time reader, first time writer:

Any plans for "Cold Fusion" to come out as a republish or e-book (like "Dying Days")? I ask because I have a copy that I would be willing to OCR into the computer and post where appropriate. But ONLY with permission and the legal potholes acknowledged.

I am just very tired of seeing it go for such large sums and become unreachable to the folks who would really enjoy the book, 'cause it's a goodie!

Lance Parkin said...

The Dying Days is up on the BBCi site, and the BBCi guys and I have talked about doing Cold Fusion as an eBook a few times, now.

I would like as many people as possible to read the book, but I'd only really want it online with the BBC. For the moment, they are - quite rightly - concentrating on the new series. There are also plenty of other books to eBookify, and I was lucky enough to get first shot at it, so I wouldn't want to be greedy.